Innovative Technology
From our inception, Faradyne Motors has focused on integrating superior material design and advanced manufacturing into our company processes to ensure that the highest standards are achieved. Every Faradyne submersible motor is constructed with 304L stainless steel components throughout to provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance and durability. Advanced manufacturing techniques, such as precision laser welding and Helium mass spectrometry, are applied to each motor in the manufacturing process.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of our customers. Faradyne Motors teams with our customers to ensure that our products meet their specific needs. Working with our customers, we make certain that all designs meet the highest standards for quality, performance and reliability.

Superior Products

When leaders in the pump industry need motors, many of them turn to us. That is because Faradyne Motors has a proven record of providing motors that enhance the reliability, performance and quality of water system solutions. Whether it’s a 3-Wire Capacitor Start or 2-Wire Permanent Split Capacitor design, our motors are specifically designed to meet and exceed the standards of the water well industry. As an additional assurance of quality, every Faradyne motor must pass a series of rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, including a comprehensive final performance test upon completed assembly.

Conflict Mineral Statement
Faradyne Motors is committed to ethical business principles and promotion of human rights. This includes responsible manufacturing of our products and responsible sourcing of materials. Faradyne Motors complies with all national and other applicable laws and regulations with regard to human rights violations and environmental issues resulting from the mining of conflict minerals. This commitment to keeping our supply chain free from conflict minerals is also adhered to by our suppliers.

A Higher standard in submersible motors